About: Diego Perugini

diegoI am Researcher in Petrology at the Department of Physics and Geology, University of Perugia. After high school I moved to the University of Perugia where I graduated in Geology. I completed my PhD studies at the same university where I also worked as Post-Doc Fellow from 2002 to 2005. My publications cover a large field of interests in petrology and volcanology, from modelling of mobility of chemical elements in compositionally heterogeneous magmatic systems to fluid dynamics of magma chambers, from classical igneous petrology and geochemistry to geodynamic implications of magmatic activities in several areas around the Mediterranean.

Mail: diego.perugini@unipg.it
Phone: +39 075 585 2608

Dept. of Physics and Geology
University of Perugia
Piazza dell’Università
06123 PERUGIA (IT)

Selected Publications:

  • Perugini D. & Poli G. (2005) – Viscous Fingering During Replenishment of Felsic Magma Chambers by Continuous Inputs of Mafic Magmas: Field Evidence and Fluid-Mechanics Experiments, Geology, 33 (1), 5-8.
  • Perugini D., Petrelli M., Poli G., De Campos C. & Dingwell D.B. (2010) – Time-Scales of Recent Phlegrean Fields Eruptions Inferred from the Application of a “Diffusive Fractionation” Model of Trace Elements, Bulletin of Volcanology, 72, (4), 431-447.
  • Perugini D., De Campos C.P., Dingwell D.B., Dorfman A. (2013) Relaxation of concentration variance: A new tool to measure chemical element mobility during mixing of magmas, Chemical Geology, 335, 8-23