Petro-Volcanology Research Group (PVRG) @ unipg


Our research group aims at understanding magma bodies from their formation to emission on the Earth’s surface through volcanic eruptions. State-of-the-art analytical techniques and new experiments in our HT Lab allow us to understand and mimic magmatic processes. We combine innovative conceptual models based on Chaos Theory, Fractal Geometry, Non-Linear dynamics and Computational Fluid Dynamics to provide unprecedented information on igneous systems and the mechanisms leading to volcanic eruptions.


Our Team

Laura Spina


Diego Perugini


Daniele Morgavi


Fabio Lazzari


Joali Paredes

Ph.D. Student (ESR)

Kathrin Laeger

Ph.D. Student (ESR)

Rebecca Astbury

Ph.D. Student

Stefano Rossi

Ph.D. Student

Our philosophy

A holistic approach
Magmas and volcanoes as complex systems
Experiments constrained by natural samples

PVRG @ unipg in numbers

(last update Sept. 20 2014, source: Scopus, ISI WOS, Google Scholar)

cumulative # papers - 82
cumulative # citations - 1322
cumulative h-index - 41
cumulative impact factors - 220