About: Joali Paredes

I am an Early Stage Researcher (ITN Project VERTIGO) in Volcanology at the Department of Physics and Geology, University of Perugia. I graduated as a Geologist Engineer at the Universidad de Los Andes, ULA (Venezuela) and I received my Master (International Master in Advanced Clay Science) as an ERASMUS MUNDUS student at the Université de Poitiers (France).
My research project focuses on numerical modelling and fractal analysis of magma fragmentation based on grain-size distributions of natural pyroclastic deposits. We will provide a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of magma fragmentation during explosive eruptions and derive empirical relationships linking fragmentation efficiency and eruptive energy for volcanic hazard assessment.

Mail: joali.paredes@studenti.unipg.it
Phone: +39 075 585 2601

Dept. of Physics and Geology
University of Perugia
Piazza dell’Università
06123 PERUGIA (IT)