About: Stefano Rossi

Stefano Rossi
I am a PhD student in Volcanology at the Department of Physics and Geology of the University of Perugia. I got a Bachelor degree in Geology (2013) at University of Perugia where I also graduated in Geological Sciences and Technologies (2015) with a thesis concerning the mineralogical study of the Main Ethiopian Rift lavas in order to elaborate a volcanological model to better understand the formation of this area. My PhD research is a part of the Chronos project and is focused on using new tools to unravel the timing of the volcanic eruptions, studying the magma mixing processes which can provide precious information on eruption dynamics and their evolution in time.

Mail: stefano.rossi1@studenti.unipg.it
Phone: +39 075 585 2601

Dept. of Physics and Geology
University of Perugia
Piazza dell’Università
06123 PERUGIA (IT)