Short Course on Magma, Eruptions and Risks (MER) / Mar 20-22, 2018

Dear Colleagues,

After successful editions in the last three years, we are pleased to announce the fourth edition of the “Magma, Eruption and Risks” short course that will be held at the Department of Physics and Geology of the University of Perugia at 20-22 March 2018.

The three days short course is aimed to provide an up to date and modern knowledge about magmatic-volcanic processes in the Earth interior, dynamics of volcanic eruptions, and their impact on society. It consists of two days with lectures in the morning and exercises in the afternoon and a one day excursion in the Roman Magmatic Province where students will be trained on how to analyse volcanic successions (explosive to effusive facies).

The short course is addressed to master and PhD students. The number of participants is restricted to a maximum of 25.

Successful participation will be honoured by three credit points. A certificate of participation can be obtained after submission and acceptance of a short report.

We ask for a contribution of 50 € in order to partially cover organization costs, i.e. rent bus for field trip. Participants have to organize their travel and stay in Perugia by themselves.

The detailed program is coming soon and will be posted on the Petro-Volcanology Research Group – PVRG – web site (http://pvrg.unipg.it) and PVRG Twitter account (https://twitter.com/PVRGunipg).

Speakers: Jacopo Taddeucci, Daniele Morgavi, Maurizio Petrelli, Guido Ventura, Diego Perugini, Harald Behrens and Francesco Vetere

For additional information and registration please contact:

Francesco Vetere (francesco.vetere@unipg.it) and/or

Harald Behrens (h.behrens@mineralogie.uni-hannover.de)

Deadline is March 5.

Best wishes,

Francesco Vetere & Harald Behrens

download Short Course on Magmas Eruptions and Risks program